Incorporated into the culture of New Hope Community Church has always been a spirit of ecumenism and respect for the various manifestations of Christ’s ecclesia. While we all serve one Lord and seek to do His will, the truth is that the church has taken various shapes over the centuries. A variety of worship styles, architecture choices, and faith traditions have made for a beautifully diverse church and we recognize that we occupy only a small corner of the vast array of Jesus followers.

In 2016, New Hope entered into a partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. This relationship allowed us to move into a new, larger facility and provided a unique opportunity for ecumenical community. Making it even more exciting was the opportunity given to allow Jason Poling, New Hope’s founding pastor, to train as an episcopal priest at General Theological Seminary. The idea was formed that Jason would serve as both Senior Pastor to New Hope and Vicar of St. Hilda’s Episcopal Church, a new congregation for which he would oversee the launch and serve as priest. Over the past two years, Jason has faithfully served to gather interest and begin meeting with the new St. Hilda’s congregation.

As of 2018, Jason has now transitioned out of his role as New Hope’s Senior Pastor so that he can focus entirely on building the new St. Hilda’s congregation. In regards to New Hope, Jason has transitioned to the role of Pastor Emeritus, and Joe Miller will now serve as Lead Pastor. Jason and Joe have been partners in ministry for over a decade and look forward to continue as such.

New Hope stands ready to support St. Hilda’s in any way we can. It is our sincere hope that 200 Ingleside Avenue would be the home of two thriving congregations who work together to build for God’s Kingdom and serve the Baltimore region. No matter what happens, we trust that God is in it and our responsibility is to be faithful to His call.

It is important, however, to mention that this is not a merger. While the elders have felt led to enter into a partnership with the Episcopal Diocese, and be their roommate, New Hope Community Church remains a non-denominational, independent, evangelical church. A Memorandum of Understanding, detailing the fine points of the partnership is available upon request.

We simply seek to respond to the will of God and live courageously as His disciples.