Welcome to Kids Community!

Our desire is that all children who come through our doors know that they matter and that God loves them, and we take our responsibility to love and disciple them seriously. You can expect your children to have fun in an environment that is set up to engage them at their age level-- they will experience lively, relevant, and creative Bible teaching, as well as games and activities tailored to their age group. We prayerfully want and expect our Kids' ministry environment to be a safe and enjoyable space for all.

Kids Community FAQ

Who staffs Kids Community? What kinds of things do you do to keep kids safe?
Classrooms are staffed by volunteers from our congregation. All classroom leaders are carefully screened and those who are over 18 years old have undergone a background check. The screening process includes a written application, checking personal references, an interview with one of our church staff members, and child protection training. We desire safety for your children and peace of mind for you as a parent as you share your kids with us.

All classrooms have either half-doors with open tops or windows set in full doors. Volunteers are always scheduled in pairs. This does not depend on the number of children present on a particular Sunday. Even if there is only one child in a class, or if the Sunday school students are related to their teachers, there will always be at least three people (including volunteers and students) in a classroom at all times. Middle School and High School students are sometimes scheduled as volunteers. When teens are serving on a particular Sunday, there will always be an adult scheduled as well.

How do I sign my children in?
Parents bring toddler and nursery children (0-2) and preschool children (3-4) directly to their classroom (#214 and #209) and sign in their child. Parents will find teachers in the classroom (identified by a name tag) starting 15 minutes before the service. Please use initials and not only a check mark to sign children in. We ask parents to remain present on campus for the time their children are in Sunday School.

Elementary children (Kindergarten and up) sit with their families during the music portion of the worship service. When children are dismissed, the teachers and students walk as a group to the their classrooms. Teachers will sign-in the elementary and preschool students by initialing the attendance sheet. If parents would like to sign in their own children, they are welcome to walk the child to the classroom once kids are dismissed from the worship service. Please try to make sure your children have used the restroom prior to Sunday school. We ask parents to remain present on campus for the time their children are in Sunday School.

Why do the elementary children start in the sanctuary and then get dismissed to class?
We want children to know that they are an integral part of the congregation and the body of Christ. We value including and training our kids in worship and the life of the church and hope that by participating in worship in the sanctuary that they will listen to people relating to God, experience the work of the Holy Spirit, and be able to ask questions that will cause us to spend quality family time discussing the answers. We want kids to be in the presence of adults who can model the worship habits and a relationship with Christ that they’ll need as they grow. After worshiping together through music, kids are dismissed to continue in worship by engaging with the Bible and each other in their age appropriate classes. Through experiential learning, we want kids to understand that the Bible applies to them today. We want to help kids see what Jesus says and how he feels about the issues that affect them in their daily lives... things like fights with siblings, obeying parents, cheating to get good grades or working hard at home with daily chores.

What will my child do during their class?
Our nursery children (babies - 2 year olds) have fun playtime, listen to music, and read stories with their caregivers. Babies through 2 year olds can be dropped off starting at 9:45.

Our preschool and elementary (K-5th grade) Sunday morning content comes from the “Dig In” curriculum by Group Publishing (https://www.group.com/category/ministry-resources/childrens-ministry/sunday-school/dig-in.do). Lesson blocks may consist of music/worship, a “talk-about” video, object lessons, dig deeper Bible activity, games, crafts, and “Dig In @Home” family application activities.

The middle school 2nd and 4th Sunday class time is geared to help our young teens know what they believe and why. On 3rd Sundays we explore ideas about service and justice and living out our faith.

High School students remain in the worship service with their families and may also take on teaching rotations in the nursery/toddler, preschool, or elementary classes.

On occasion, an allergy-safe snack or treat may be incorporated into the lesson. Please inform the classroom leader if your child has an allergy. Please do not bring treats or drinks from home, as we strive to make our classrooms allergy friendly and safe spaces for all.

If I am not ready to bring my child into the nursery or children's ministry, is there a place to keep them with me? If I need to nurse my baby, is there a place I can do this?
Yes! We understand that there are times where your child would like to be with you during the service. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children to their Sunday school classes or to keep their children in the worship service with them. There are also rocking chairs at the rear of the sanctuary.

How do I sign my children out?
Toddler and nursery parents sign their children out at room #214. Please use initials and not only a check mark in order to sign out your child. Preschool parents sign their children out at classroom #209.

Parents of elementary children under the age of 8 need to sign their children out at classroom #212. Please use initials and not only a check mark in order to sign out your child.

Elementary children 8 and older may be dismissed on their own accord with parent/guardian permission. The second teacher will sign-out the older elementary students by initialing the attendance sheet. If a parent would like to sign out their own child, please contact the child's teacher and Children's Ministry Director. Middle schoolers will be dismissed from class and meet their families in the cafellowtorium.

Once signed-out from Sunday school, all children (toddler - 5th grade) should remain in the “cafellowtorium” with their parents.

What is the Kids Community sick policy?
In the best interest of the caregivers and children in the classrooms, we ask that your child be symptom free for at least 24 hours before coming to class if they have had any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever (even low grade), vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Body rash (other than diaper or eczema)
  • Itchy, red and/or watery eyes
  • Yellow/green discharge from nose or eyes
  • Active cold/flu symptoms (body aches, sneezing, runny nose, hacking or continuous cough, sore throat)
  • Head Lice
  • Unusual irritability or crankiness

Thank you for helping us to maintain everyone’s health!

How will you contact me if my child needs me during the service?
The leader from your child’s classroom will text you. Please be sure to keep your mobile phone on silent/vibrate so a teacher can reach you if necessary.

How do you handle taking children to the bathroom and/or changing diapers?
Please encourage your child to use the restroom before class. Classroom leaders have a short time with their classes each Sunday and don’t want any of the kids to miss out on the fun activities planned.

Diapers are changed by classroom leaders for children ages birth through 2 years old. For preschool children who are not potty trained, parents will be called if a child soils their diaper.

For children who are in preschool and potty trained through 5th grade, classroom leaders will escort the child to the bathroom and wait at the outer door while the child goes into a stall to use the facility. For children who need assistance – either the parent will be called or classroom leaders, if available, must be present in the bathroom. Please indicate on the sign-in sheet whom you would like to provide help should your child need help in the restroom.

How can I stay informed?
Because we want to make sure that the entire body is aware of what is happening with the kids and students in our congregation, weekly updates on Kids Community, The Edge, and Crux are given via e-newhope. To sign-up students or parents for e-newhope, please contact Joe Miller at jmiller@ournewhope.org.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact Shannon Chastain (nhcckidscommunity@gmail.com) or Joe Miller (jmiller@ournewhope.org).