Partnership FAQ

What are we doing and why are we doing it?
As of 2016, New Hope has entered into a partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. This relationship has allowed NHCC to move into a larger facility and has provided a unique opportunity for ecumenical community.

So, New Hope is becoming Episcopalian?
No. This is not a merger. While the elders have felt led to enter into a partnership with the Episcopal Diocese, and be their roommate, New Hope Community Church remains a non-denominational, independent, evangelical church.

What is the Episcopal congregation called?
Saint Hilda’s Episcopal Church (

Is there some sort of formal agreement written up that I can read?
Yes. NHCC and the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland have a Memorandum of Understanding that is available upon request.

Who is the head of St. Hilda’s?
Jesus. But if you’re asking who the vicar of the St. Hilda’s congregation is, it is in fact, Jason Poling, our Senior Pastor.

Wait, Jason Poling is both the Senior Pastor of New Hope and the vicar of St. Hilda’s?

Isn’t that a little out of the ordinary?
Yeah, that’s the idea. Pretty neat, huh?

Is there an overlap of ministry in regards to the partnership?
Specific ministries (including, but not limited to, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, hospitality, worship, and outreach) as well as marketing efforts may be shared jointly insofar as it makes sense for both congregations to do so.