Political Issues

“Believe me, there’s nothing more disastrous than people thinking they can build the Kingdom of God by their own efforts.” - N.T. Wright

Thoughtful Christians of good faith and good will can and do disagree on political matters. At New Hope a broad range of political views are held, and we try to cultivate an environment at our church where people can engage with one another with respect and generosity, as well as passion and conviction.

New Hope does not take positions on political candidates, ballot initiatives or pending legislation. We believe that our right to speak on issues of public policy, which at times we feel to be a responsibility, must be exercised with a view to the limits of the Church's proper voice with respect to other elements of our civic society.

The one issue on which we will engage in political advocacy is that of immigration reform. With our partners at World Relief, we join many other faith communities in urging our elected representatives to reform our nation's immigration laws so that they may reflect the highest ideals of a just, free and compassionate people.

We encourage our congregation, and our neighbors, to exercise the civic duties of a free and responsible people by involving themselves in the public square as they believe God is leading them to, from voting to advocacy to direct involvement in the political process. And we follow the command of the apostle Paul to “pray for those in authority” (1 Tim. 2:1-2).