Crux (9th - 12th grade)

“The truth is, every church needs young people. Their passion enriches the soil around them. The curiosity they bring to Scripture and the authenticity they bring to relationships keep your church’s teaching fresh and fellowship fruitful. Young people also need a thriving church. A thriving church both grounds them in community and sends them out to service. Your church needs young people, and they need your church. One without the other is incomplete.” - Growing Young by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin

welcome to crux!

Our high school ministry, Crux, meets at a home in Reisterstown roughly twice a month. Teaching and discussions for this small group-style group vary from week to week and are designed to allow students an opportunity to explore the Christian faith and mature within a community of their peers.

As the students feel comfortable doing so, they are asked to participate in leadership to the wider church community through positions relating to worship, children’s ministry, hospitality, and service projects. It is our hope that by offering these extraordinary young people a chance to be leaders in the church, they are better able to grasp the truth that Christ’s church is as much theirs as anyone else’s.

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