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It is our belief that the preaching of the Word of God is a vital component of Christian worship. New Hope preaching is exegetical in nature, meaning that each sermon will be tied to a specific biblical text. Preaching series will vary in content from expositional studies of individual books in the bible, to topical series that will jump around the biblical narrative from week to week.

It’s strongly encouraged that congregants spend time in the passage for the coming Sunday in their devotional time during the preceding week.

Living Hope

The story of Easter is that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive. Living Hope is an Easter series where we make the outrageous claim that the church is the evidence for the resurrection. What can we learn from stories following the resurrection? What does it mean for us to live a resurrection life?

These questions and more make up our Living Hope series.

June 16, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
If You Walked Out of the Grave, I’m Walking Too | Rom. 5:1-15
Brian Wagner
June 9, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
The Church and Its Advocate | Acts 1-2
Rev. Joe Miller
May 26, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
Greater Than | John 3:30
Jay Davies
May 19, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
The Good Samaritan | Luke 10:25-37
Rev. Joe Miller
May 12, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
In Daylights, In Sunsets, In Midnights, In Cups of Coffee | Ecc. 3:1-13
M. Kendall Ludwig
May 5, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
Jesus & Peter | John 21:15-19
Rev. Joe Miller
April 28, 2019 | Series: Living Hope
Jesus & Thomas | John 20:24-29
Rev. Joe Miller